Kids Read Comics event June 22-23 at the Downtown Library

The free Kids Read Comics convention is just around the corner and promises tons of comics fun. Running both Saturday and Sunday, the convention will open with fun comics crafts at 9 a.m. on Saturday at the Downtown Library. Everything really kicks off @ 11 a.m. when special guest Ben Hatke, creator of Zita the Spacegirl, will make a presentation. At 12 Noon the Artists Alley (3rd Floor) along with fun programming and hilarious Quick Draws get under way! Program details and the guest cartoonist list available at Kids Read Comics.

There will be a FREE photo booth (with a game code!) outside the Teen Room from 12:30-4:30! Bring your friends and get a strip of pictures!

FREE comic books will be given out of the 3rd Floor where all of the artists will be exhibiting!

Don't forget! AADL Summer gamers who come to KRC can collect a bucketful of game codes!


Yay, KRC is back! I can't wait to go!

Sooooooooooo many gamecodes that you can barely keep track of them...... Code hunters beware

so cool

Hope I can attend!

I don't even check on blogs anymore... I want to go to this sooo badly!

Who doesn't? Codes, free books of various quality, the need for a carefully balanced timetable and tracking of events......

I've actually never been to KRC before... my friends told me it was really fun so I really want to go.

It was interesting, but fun for code hunters only if you are super-organized. I was a semi code hunter since I missed half of it.

I didn't go last year, but this looks like fun... and also like a major summer game challenge!

But at KRC there are so many codes, and I don't have a phone!

Just write them down and enter them later.
Last year Smiles and I worked together to get nearly all of the codes. This year I want to try to get all of them. Anyoen ingested in teaming up?

I think you mean interested. Yeah, I probably would bring paper and pencil.

there are computers you can use....

There are so many gamecodes there. It's really hard to get all of them (*-*)

Yeah, I remember walking around awkwardly while I tried to figure out which codes I had already gotten and which codes I hadn't.

*I meant interested. Gah.... How in the the world did I write ingested? "Yeah, I'm ingested in coming..."
There are times when I just hate autocorrect.

James are you going to KRC?

Probably... not.

James, you should go! :)

I really hope my mom will let me though...

@ Zhengyang1022: Even my mom is letting me go.

Please go! We need all the help that we can get.

I thought you, Anly, and Leo were teaming up... I don't think you need more people...
Hey James you should team up with me! :)

I asked my mom, I can go... What a coincidence.


Yay! :D

How about we just team up all together, so we can ALL get the badges? Sounds like a good idea?

Sure, but I still need James's email!!!


Ask morgsush for my email. You know, its in one of the posts...

Morgsush says she doesn't know...

What? Then ask livia or andy or bookbird.

Don't have any of their emails...

*face palm* then ask like (a person who knows my email that you can ask).


*sigh* I'll tell you at KRC

Are you going on Sunday? Cause that's when I'm going...

For the artist alley badge, table 21 has not shown up yet. How do we complete the badge?

Update - we see it's been posted on the table now. Thanks!

Totally! I'm going tomorrow.... wish I could've today...

Next year I'm going both days! Spent most of my time in the artists alley and missed the badge by three artists.
Thank you everyone!

Love comics


This event sounded like a ton of fun - wish I hadn't missed it! Oh well, maybe next year!

I went to this event and the tables were set up way too close together. The aisles needed to be further apart.