Winners of the 2013 AADL Short Story Wrting Contest for Grades 3-5!

Writers were recognized for their creativity and encouraged to keep writing at a packed house 'Awards Celebration',
with plenty of wit and enthusiasm from guest author, Shutta Crum.

99 submissions were received this year, our first year for Grades 3-5, with stories coming in from 20 different schools,
including home schooled writers.

Click here for writing resources for grades K-5.

Congratulations to the winners in each grade:
5th Grade: 1st Place - Pastel's Journey by Ashlee Freeman
2nd Place - The Boulder Block by Krishna Davis
3rd Place - Sallie Sweetwater and the Nebraska Disaster by Jenna Allman

4th Grade: 1st Place - A Weird Day at the Science Museum by Arjun Purohit
2nd Place - Winston and His Ears by Abby Dobson
3rd Place - Blueberry Girl by Anabellee Jones

3rd Grade: 1st Place - My Secret by Emma Crownover
2nd Place - The Story of the Talking Hamster by Alma Moga
3rd Place - Allians-A True Story by Mohammed Hamoud

We hope all of you continue to write many, many more stories!


My kids would have loved this. Can you notify patrons next year? Thanks

Thanks for your interest. This contest for kids was launched just this year, and we were excited about the responses, so do plan to offer this contest next year too. It was started in April and ran through June. It will be announced on our website, in the library paper newsletters and we notify local schools as well. We look forward to reading your kids' stories!
Here's also a link for writing resources for grades K-5,

Glad to see a kids contest this year. Congrats to all of the young, talented writers, whether they won or not.

Good Job!

Congratulations to all the writers who participated!

congrats everyone! :)

Wonderful program