DIY Instruments

Friday, April 5 | 1 - 2 pm | Downtown Library | Grade 3 - 8

Learn how to make musical instruments out of household items, such as a Bee Buzzer out of popsicle sticks and rubber bands and a Brazilian Laughing Cup (aka Cuica) out of a paper cup and a paper clip. Also try making a didgeridoo, a sound sandwich, and a straw oboe!

There will be several items from the AADL's new Music Tools collection available for playing as well as for checkout.

This event is for grades 3 - 8.


Ahhh! Making musical instruments from everyday household objects! AWESOME! Big fan of DIY instruments and the AADL workshops! Very happy this is happening at the AADL the best library system in the U.S.A.! Some samples of my own can be found from 2010 at :

glatterc: Great video and examples, thanks for sharing!

very creative