Kid Bits - Picture Puzzles K-5

Picture Puzzles are lots of fun, and sometimes hard-to-find. Here is a way to find them. We have many many more than you think ....
so keep on "looking" below.....

Several authors are known to create picture puzzle books and we own many of their titles:
Lucy Micklethwait creates an I SPY series that challenges you to find things within classic art paintings.
Walter Wick takes readers on a journey through time to find things in the CAN YOU SEE WHAT I SEE series.
Martin Handford has created the ever-popular WHERE'sWALDO books.
Susannah Leigh creates USBORNE YOUNG PUZZLE books.
Jean Marzollo creates books with a rhymed text that challenges you to find objects hidden in the photographs.

Here's a public list on the Library website of "Picture Puzzles K-5" with more titles to "puzzle over".

Yay for Puzzles !!