The Labyrinth of Osiris

Paul Sussman's fantastic new thriller, The Labyrinth of Osiris, combines the grit and action of a good police thriller with the adventure of a historical fiction piece. The story is divided between two detectives, Ben-Roi, an Israeli working on a murder investigation in Jerusalem, and Khalifa, an Egyptian coming to terms with a recent family tragedy. The murder investigation soon leads both detectives on a chase throughout the Middle East as they try to piece together the connection between a string of well poisonings, the disappearance of a British archaeologist in 1931, a murdered reporter, a rogue group of anti-capitalist terrorists, and a shady international corporation.

Sussman passed away in May, 2012, before he could see his final novel come to print, but he deserves to be recognized for a novel that some early reviews are calling a thinking man's DaVinci Code. Sussman worked for years as an archaeologist in Egypt before becoming an author. His novels include The Lost Army of Cambyses, The Last Secret of the Temple, and The Hidden Oasis.