LEGO Contest Guidelines RELEASED!


AADL's 1st Annual LEGO Contest launches on Wed. August 9 - the guidelines have been released and can be picked up at ANY location. Prizes will be given in 3 categories:
Grades 3-5; Grades 6-8; Grades 9-12 and the special Parent/Child category. Ribbons will be given out in each category for the following: Best Motorized project, Best Architectural/Engineering project, Coolest Robot, Best Vehicle, Most Creative, Most Sophisticated and the ultimate AADL's Lego Master Builder! Winners will get gift certificates for Toys R Us! Get your copy of the guidelines today!


Ohhh boy!... except I just graduated... :/

Even then, where do we get more information? (Or maybe the link disappeared thanks to an age filter?)

Edit:... I didn't take a long enough nap earlier... I fail at reading!

Don't worry, Gertlex, you can just pick up a child from off the street and claim to be his/her parent.

No worries on the age thing - we *won't* be asking for ID ;) -- go to any location and see someone at the reference desk and they can give you a copy of the guidelines. If you're downtown - see the Youth desk. And if this lures anyone further....