Monotron Family Now Available For Checkout

The Korg Monotrons are great little synths featuring real analog sound which fit comfortably in your pocket, so you can take them anywhere. Think of them as 21st century Stylophones. The Monotron sports a low-pass filter taken directly from the classic MS10 and MS20 synths for warping and distorting your sound. The Monotron Duo features a second analog oscillator for twice the fun. And then there's the Monotron Delay whose "space delay" effect lets you create classic science-fictiony sounds. To hear them in action check out their catalog records. We've just added eight of each to the Music Tools collection, and there are currently a bunch of them on the Downtown Stuff Shelf, so get yours today. Music Tools circulate for one week and are currently not requestable and not renewable.


Would it be possible to send these out to some of the branches at some point? We will try to get over to Downtown, but it's not an option for everyone.

Hi Willow. We hope to be able to offer Music Tools at the branches very soon. Stay tuned!

This looks really cool! I hope I can get it.

they sound really cool! I want one!

I want to check this out!