Googly Eyes Galore!

How funny looking can you make your little stuffed creature? We will play with pipe cleaners, felt, thread, yarn and other scrap box goodies on Thursday, August 16th at 7:00 pm at the Downtown Library. The endlessly creative Beth Battey will show us basic sewing techniques to make outrageous stuffies!


Googly eyes! The ultimate in craft supplies. This sounds like a great intro to hand sewing with a fun end result :)

Too bad I can't come...

it sounds tedious

Sounds cool... if I were five or something.

I bet my cousin would like this.

I don't think five year olds can really sew...

This sounds kind of fun!! >.<

This looks really fun - wish I could come! Thanks Library for having great events like this!

It seems like fun!

They look pretty cute, and fun to make.

This sounds like it would be a lot of fun. I hope everyone enjoyed it.

Aww... They look so cute! :D

pipe cleaners were originally made to clean out pipes. that's why they're called pipe cleaners.

my 6 year old son made the coolest monster and a little bed for it! now he wants me to make it a blanket. :)

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