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Anime Convention

We JUST got big posters and postcard-style flyers for all the anime related programs at the Library. Where do you think we should put them?

If you have a place in mind, or some friends who need a reminder, feel free to ask for a pile of postcards at the downtown youth desk. I'm taking some to Wizzywig, Gamestop.. any other ideas?


Hmm. Well, I'll be working at a few camps over the summer (day camps), so I can put them up/give them to people there or something. Um... what else? I can put them up in the Neutral Zone booth in the Art Fair, since I'll be selling stuff there. Maybe put some up in the Neutral Zone as well? I don't know. OH, YEAH, you can put some up in comic book shops, too!

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Hey - this is great! Stop by the Downtown youth desk anytime and we will give you a stack of cards to take with you. Thanks so much :> I took some today to Borders, Middle Earth, Pinball Pete's, and Bubble Tea. Edith is taking them (and a poster) to Wizzywig and Vault of Midnight (in it's new location). We're splitting up the GameStops and EB Games in town too. Keep the suggestions coming...

i think we can spread them around downtown randomly and i think that digital ops would be a good placee to put them

-uber ninja

p.s. if you want i can take them to game stop i go there a lot

Digital Ops? Great Idea!

We would love to have anything down at Ops to help promote the library, especially the Anime, Gaming, and anything Tintin related. : )

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o_O' That was fast. I'll be over with some flyers in the next day or two!

Yay Tintin!

Once again, I come to you to ask permission for my brother and Greg if they are able to participate in the cosplay workshop thing and maybe the contest (maybe judging). He seems interested and I also told him that Darcy would be there to help some people out. They also know Darcy from many Cosplay events and wizzywig visits (thats what I think).

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I have notified Elizabeth about your request, so she will let you know ASAP. ^_^

Hey Evil Bus Driver.
I think it would be really cool if your brother and his friend came to both the cosplay prep program and the actual cosplay. I haven't figured out the judging yet, but thanks for the offer. I will definately keep them in mind and let you know.