Cold-Blooded Creatures -- Thursday July 26, 2012: 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm -- Traverwood Branch -- Grades K-12

Experience live snakes, toads, salamanders, and turtles and learn more about their adaptations, behavior, and physical structure with Leslie Science & Nature Center staff. Also, learn more about the aquatic invertebrates that live in the summer exhibit at Traverwood! This event is intended for graded K-12.


Sounds interesting, though I will probably know everything

I hope I can go, but I probably can't. :(

This sounds interesting. I hope I can go!

I think I'll have to check this out, although it's not actually intended for my age group. If nothing else I can get the summer game code.

Yeah...I'm not sure if I can go either.

that sounds really fun. i like touching snakes.

Yeah it was fun. They did not get to touch the snake though. There were centipedes, a snake, a roach, a spider, a moth caterpillar, and a tarantula! (the kids loved this)

You could have touched a snake on Huron River Day. I did. It tickled, since I held it in my hand

Oh, I just realized it was on the 26th...

This is a super cool event! I love nature and things like that and I think this is a great chance for kids to learn about animals and their habitats. Don't forget to help the earth whenever u can. That way we can protect the animals and their habitats.

I wish I could have gone. :(

Me too.....