Free Books for the Downloading!

Wanna know where you can have access to TONS of free books? Beside the library, of course. An industrious blogger has put together this mighty fine list of free Audio Books. There are sites for literature, children's lit & lullabies, and a site for downloading classics, to name just a few genres. Perfect for on the go reading and to accrue points for the Summer Reading Game!


This is great I'm going to check it out.


This looks awesome! Thank you so much!

I'm so happy to see comments on this blog! Please share with us how your downloading experience went if you do try one of these sites. Awesome! :)

Sounds great

I think I might need to bookmark this post for further investigation. :-)

Excellent. Thanks for the info.

Going to check it out!

This is great! I've already downloaded a few comics.

This list looks like it will come in real handy. Yay for free stuff online!!

I'm certainly going to take a look at the free romance novels! (I already have far too many ebooks downloaded that I will probably never get to, especially since I don't have a dedicated ereader at the moment, but I still download them anyway;;; )

Free books! Yay! :)

so exited!

sounds good!

This sounds like a really great offer, but I sort of hate audio books. I can never focus on the words or the story - it's just sound. If I had an ereader, I might be attracted to the ebooks, but there's just something about having an actual book in your hand....

You can also check out for free ebooks from the public domain. It includes many classics.

Headed out on vacation this week- I'll have to check out some of the audiobooks!

I know what you mean! I like being able to go back and reread passages. It's not the same with an audio book! Perhaps I'd feel differently about an e-reader.

Thanks! I get a lot more cleaning done when I'm listening to an audiobook!!

Thanks for this resource!

This seems cool!


This is awesome


I usually have to do things on my tablet any way, so it will be nice to be able to read on it as well. I've recently been interested in reading classics, so great timing!

i might too

wow i dont need an ann arbor library website to get free books online happy to find this site.