Beneath The Rim: Stories And Pictures From Inside The Grand Canyon

Join us in welcoming author Rick Kempa to the Downtown library on Monday June 18 from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm for an evening of stories and pictures of the Grand Canyon. Mr. Kempa has been hiking in the Grand Canyon since 1974. The event will include stories spanning that length of time, from his first hike “when, as immortal teenagers, my brother and I had the bright idea of swimming across the river just above Hermit Rapids,” to his most recent hike this spring, “when I began to consider that there may come a day when I am too old and tired to climb out.” His words and photos also depict “encounters with grizzled fellow-hikers, with rangers who appear in the weirdest of places, with river-runners who feast like kings, with exotic wildlife, and—best of all—with the silence that exists between the river and the Rim.”

In August 2010, Kempa served as the Artist-in-Residence at the South Rim, giving public presentations and working on his Canyon-country writings. He is currently serving as editor of two Grand Canyon anthologies, one of poems and the other of essays by backpackers. He teaches writing and philosophy and directs the Honors Program at Western Wyoming Community College in Rock Springs, Wyoming.

The AADL also has guide books, historical books, music, and videos on the Grand Canyon for those interested in learning more about this incredible National Park.


Maybe I'm not reading this closely enough, but could you tell us where this event will take place?

Hiking is awesome!

I love hiking even though it can really tiring after a while!

The Grand Canyon is amazing; it seems like a great event to go to and discuss hiking, a fun activity for people of all ages.

Dang, the Grand Canyon really is amazing.

Should be an inspiring event!

I wish one day I could go to the Grand Canyon.

I was just at the grand canyon 2 months ago. Amazing veiws you should go.

Where is the event taking place at?

Cool event!

The event is taking place at the Downtown library. Thanks for catching this! I've updated the blog to reflect the location.

Sounds interesting. (Even if this post is late and the event has already passed :D )

Cool picture. Sounds very interesting.