Next Week in Booklists

June 15 Work At Home Father’s Day

June 16 Bloomsday

June 17 Father’s Day

June 18 Paul McCartney turns 70!

June 19 Garfield went into publication 34 years ago

June 20 Nicole Kidman celebrates her 45th birthday

June 21 Today kicks off Watermelon Seed Spitting Weekend!


Summer = watermelon

I love watermelon!

Wow, an action-packed week we have ahead of us :P

The writer's almanac has a fun little story about Bloomsday today.

Watermelon seed spitting?

I luv watermaelon! Watermelon is watery! I eat the seeds! LUV blooms! LUV WATERMELON FOR THAN DONUTS! Father's day was fun! WOW! Paul MCartny turned 70!


Happy Summer solstice!

There's such things as a Watermelon Seed Spitting Weekend? Huh, never knew that before.
I'd like to do that. :)

I cannot spit watermelon seeds. I've tried, but it never seems to work. But I ate watermelon today, anyway!