TV Spotlight: Treme on DVD

Treme [truh-MAY] is an HBO television drama created by David Simon and Eric Overmyer. (The two previously worked together on Homicide and The Wire.) The show begins 3 months after Hurricane Katrina in the neighborhood of Treme in New Orleans. It focuses on various characters, including musicians, chefs, a DJ, a lawyer, and a series of locals, who are trying to put their lives and homes back together after their neighborhood was nearly destroyed.

The show is deeply moving as the viewer gets a close look at the damage and the long term effect it has on some of the characters. It has a wonderful cast, many who have worked with Simon before, including New Orleans native Wendell Pierce, who portrays a musician in Treme. The show also features many other locals to create the local flavor the creators desire in their productions. Between the acting, writing, and the subject matter, it’s a great human interest story as we look at the lives of those who lost. Being set in New Orleans, the show is also rich with music of all sorts. It flows through the streets and in every scene, and is one of the biggest characters in this television drama.

AADL currently owns season 1 and 2, season 3 will premier this fall on HBO, and a 4th season is planned. If you're attracted to the Hurricane Katrina aspect of Treme, check out some documentaries on the subject matter.


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