Gale Virtual Reference

This is an amazing eReference database aimed at a spectrum of users from students to researchers to professionals. Learners of all levels can access over more than 7,000 authoritative full-text articles. The research that is published in this database focuses on these very popular subject areas: Arts, Biography, Business, Education, Environment, General Reference, History, Law, Literature, Medicine, Multicultural Studies, World Studies, Religion, Science, and Social Science. This database was voted as a 2012 best database by Library Journal. Check out this database for your next research project you will love the abundance of knowledge it affords along with the simple and easy to use database interface.

Access to this and any of our other reference databases and resources is available at every branch of the AADL, as well as from outside the library with a valid AADL library card. For access from an outside location, please sign in to your library account, visit our reference database page, and navigate to the desired resource. To access Gail Virtual Reference, go to the Research page, and select Gail Virtual Reference from the Browse Database under subject heading Databases D-G.


This database is one of my "go to" sources for research papers.

Gale is always great, and it's cool to see more resources added to AADL.