Chilton Auto Repair

Chilton Auto Repair is your go-to guide for all things automotive. Whether you have a 1940 Chevrolet Master Deluxe or a 2010 Kia Sportage, Chilton has what you need to keep your car ticking.

The Chilton Auto Repair database contains the complete text of Chilton auto repair manuals going back all the way to 1940. In addition to the text and diagrams, many repair manuals are supplemented with photos, videos, PDFs, and animated visual aids.

Want to know when you should get your spark plugs changed? Take a look at the maintenance section where Chilton has schedules of recommended timelines for vehicle upkeep.

Chilton also posts current and past technical bulletins and recalls for automobile parts, so you and your passengers are always at your safest.

Access to this and any of our other reference databases and resources is available at every branch of the AADL, as well as from outside the library with a valid AADL library card. For access from an outside location, please sign in to your library account, visit our reference database page, and navigate to the desired resource. To access the Chilton Auto Repair database, go to the research page, and select Chilton Auto Repair from the Car Repair category.


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