Reading Video Games

Fans of video games and graphic novels alike can celebrate! Did you know that many of your favorite stories and characters from the world of gaming have made the jump to comics? If you’re a younger player, you probably already know about the huge collection of Pokémon books, Sonic the Hedgehog books, Kingdom Hearts books, and even adaptations of the many stories of The Legend of Zelda. What about Ratchet and Clank? What about The Prince of Persia? Man, you really know your stuff!

Grown-up gamers, don’t despair. Get caught up in the stunning artwork and off-world adventures of the Halo series. Follow Marcus Fenix and Delta Squad into battle with the Gears of War graphic novel. Mobster hit men, elemental chaos forces, and superheroes collide in The Darkness. And, for saucy video game commentary, check out the Penny Arcade series.


Older gamers don't forget about Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon. I stopped owning compatible systems after the first series, but it sure was an excellent game. I must sadly report that the novel is neither written by Clancy nor all that excellent, but if you want to say you're a Ghost Recon completionist, well, there it is.