Watching DVDs Over the Holidays?

How about doing us a big favor, as well as a favor for many of our patrons who benefit from watching films with Descriptive Video Service? Check the language settings at the beginning of the DVD menu to see if there is a described narration track, or see if it says "Described Narration" on the label. Then, add a comment to this blog indicating the name of the DVD & I will add it if it's not already on this list. Described narration can be on both youth & adult DVDs. More and more films are being produced with this feature. Some of these DVDs are now available by mail to our WLBPD patrons, too!


We're watching Fright Night and it has a descriptive option. I notice that the catalog record ( already has the subject "Video recordings for the hearing impaired," so you may already know that. :)

I see that Mr. D! But it didn't say on the catalog record that it has descriptive video for visual impairments. I have added "Fright Night" to our list! Thank you!

Hey Beth, are you still adding to your list? The new Muppets has descriptive service!

Yes! I am always adding to this list. I appreciate you letting me know, drouhardte!