Clan Cup Basics

The Clan Cup

Next season, (but not necessarily pre-season) Clans will be teams of four players.

In single-player events, all points scored by a clan member will count towards the clan's total score. In team events, clans break up into 2-player teams, and their scores are added to the clan's total score. In Mario Kart, this will be modified Grand Prix scoring, in Melee, I think it should be match points, without negative scores, but a bonus for each match winner. Event winners get big bonuses.

You can have subs in your clan, but only 4 clan members can compete in each AADL-GT tournament (i.e. no subbing in ringers or specialists).

Clan Champ of each tournament will be decided by points. No point bonus for being a Clan Champ, but all Clan Champs get into the Clan Cup at the Grand Championships in December, even if they're not one of the 4 highest regular-season point-total Clans. With me so far?

Okay, now get this: There will be a clan point bonus for referring new players clans. If you can get another new player to come to an AADL-GT tournament, your clan will get a point bonus, and if you get a whole new clan to signup, you'll get a big bonus.

So, what do you think? I'll work on a table of all points and bonuses. I also think we'll multiply everything by 10 to make it more interesting.


"cant make the preseason. i have a baseball tournament. when is the august tournament? and duck, its SNIPING not snipping. snipping is like snipping ribbons with scissors.god learn how to spell."

Grah I know the feeling, just found out I'll be in columbus all of the 30th :\

GUESS WHO IS BACK BACK BACK AGAIN. SHRAVENS BACK BACK BACK TELL A FRIEND. i am finally back here in the US and it is so hot today so im not missing anything from india. lmao snipping ribbons that was a good example joe. so thats one sub i need to find if i cant find anyone then maybe i will consider adding black shark as my sub. galen is probably still gonna be in china and derek VAN WILDER is well actually i dont know about him. thats 2 or 3 subs i need great. i have 2 ppl in mind but 1 might be in cali so black shark i promote u to being a sub. just practice a lot. actually i should ask joe's permission to have him as a sub. what do u say joe?

Great, I just got back today as well. I'm still in the clan right?

Sravan, I might not be able 2 sub 4 ur clan. I made a clan with 3 other people who 4 some reason never go this site. The names r Nick Kern, Teddy Alverez, and Leo Bayliss-Hall.

I was thinking about melee brackets. I thought that there should be everbody at a desinated station. and that forms a playoff were you play several matches and half of the people at each station are elimanated. And then have the computer set up a different game every time. Until you get down to the top 16 were they each get 2 games and after that you make the top 8 who play a couple matches to rank 1-8 and 8th place and up get points ( according to thier postion) for thier clan and December but, only top 4 move on. Same with all the other events about giving points for 1-8. Am I only known as TP2's brother I guess thats what happens. Me and TP2 are probally going to miss the December toutarment. Also Eli why are all the tourneys scheduled later in the month when everythings going on(Christmas, Thanksgiving). Also why would you want to sub are there clan prizes at each tourney. Any comments?

bad driver I TOTALLY agree with ur playoff style brackets. yes in the first piliminary rounds we should each get a number of games and scores are tabulated on the comp and there are the top 16. then in the playoffs we should do a best 2/3 or first to 3 wins so u have another chance if u dont get ur stage or ur unlucky with the items. then seperate in the top 8. when there are 16 ppl left we should do the 4 player FFA but when there are 8 players PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can we do 1v1 with the 2/3 or first to 3. wait i just realized that u cant tie in melee so it would be 2/3 or 3/5. then top 4 will be there and that would be for bragging rights. galen u are in our clan so dont worry. come online on AIM or call me and we will talk about the sub we need. rod went to cali today so we cant use him. i think we have to use meng or wenbo unfortunatly. and yes i still have jet lag. joe is derek coming to the pre season? sorry u and ur brother cant make december but thats good news for everyone else!

heres a quote from a movie
*checks temperature*
girl:whoa ur hot
guy:y thank u so are u

this one is easy if u have seen the commercials or the mivie itself

Well I have no clue where that's from. Yes I know, I'm suffering from jetlag also. So you're back at your own house right?

Duck you were asking for trouble. First of all the concept that innovation is the most important thing in video games is Nintendo propaganda. Secondly to say that FPS' don't have innovation is laughable. First of all we have to admit that the two games we are playing aren't very innovative. Melee just has more courses, more characters, and better graphics than the original. All MKDD did was put two drivers in the car and powerslides. FPS' on the other hand have gone from duke nukem 3-d to half life 2. Which featured almost photo-realistic graphics. Physics where every object has mass. Games in the battlefield series have given the player the feeling of being in the middle of a real war. By the way you can more than two people in a vehicle in battlefield 2. There are snipe spots in Battlefield 2 and CS. Shooters unlike racing games can eliminate you if you make one slip up. In MK you have an advantage by being in the back.

I can understand that you don't like FPS, but to say that they aren't innovative and don't allow sniping is a unresearched and untrue statement. Have you played any shooters since 1993 when Doom came out.

One more thing online play. If nintendo was really innovative they would have put online play in a long time ago.

Wait, that's from the Fantastic Four. The flame dude.

Also I hate snipers. They just camp all day, it's so annoying....exept when you do it.

The reason I said Doom was first off In doom multiplayer levels there were sniping spots almost everywhere and the field was dark not brightly light to show of the graphics and it bought about the moding community. And I do not hate on the games more on the players yes I know there are some decent FPSers but the way everyone plays is just annoying and childish, in duke nukem 3-d they included area sensitivity on bodies but the big thing in that happened to be groin shots. Turtle person you’re digging your own grave with half-life 2 by saying it had "almost photo-realistic graphics. Physics where every object has mass" because in my past augment I said that’s the only place they improve and that is all people care about. But looking at half-life 2 it you know has a pretty good storyline but all people ever talk about is the Physics and Graphics. But the fact that a game is innovative doesn’t matter if the people playing them don’t care and they aren’t so good that people that care about innovation bother with them.

And I’m not a Nintendo lackey almost all my favorite games are 3rd party and many happen to be older then the N64. I don't consider SSBM or MKDD great games. One other thing I hate racing games. The only reason I own SSBM and MKDD is they happen to be fun. I like innovative for my own reasons not because of Nintendo.


galen you are in our clan. me and derek won't make the preseason. also

Eli Neiburger

i think its the 26th.

i have made a really good clan logo, but the problem is that i do not know how to add it in to my post. any suggestions?

femi kuti


femi kuti

i did
and replied
and galen is with me

It's August 20th, Joe. Not only is the 26th a Friday, but I'll be in Seattle for PAX! And email me your logo, and I'll upload it for you. When we get the clan system running, logo attachment may be automatic... we'll see.

wow that was a very very VERY fast response. sweeet. sending you logo..NOW eli.

femi kuti

ok i got 2 subs for the july tournament one is wenbo and another is galen's friend galen who was at one of the open plays in march. i just said what i remembered i didnt look at the calender but the sooner the better. who is that singer in your post joe and have any of u guys seen mr and mrs smith. i want to see that but i heard it was bad what do u guys think.o yea and eli on july 31st there is a younger mario kart tournament but instead of 5-11 it says 5-12 and galen is still 12 and syas he will go to it even though he is probably going to read this.

Yes I am going and yes I am twelve, I turn thirteen september twenty seventh.

Eli in the preseason will clans be able to accumulate points in the tournament.

No, we won't have clan scoring at the preseason. Preseason points won't count towards anything.

but will there be a clan winner for the pre season? clan winners get prizes at each tournament also right? so there is no point of clans or subs in july?

i hate my jet lag

i think i know some of the suprise games that are gonna be on the gamecube not on the sega. yeah where is the regestration its only 11 days b4 the tourney.i think the top 4 clans in december will be the trouble monkeys, duck and leinads clan, tp2s clan, and miniblins clan(but not neccerily in that order). even though tp2 and his brother cant make it to december they can have subs.

Man can you get it right we are the Vaccinated Monks clan or VMC not ducks and leinad clan.

geez i just didn't know the name.

o yea and black shark when u said about the madden tournament when if they wanted it to be part of the season they all said yes. well thats cuz its a madden tournament and not a mkdd tournament. if initially there was only madden tournaments and u ask the ppl at those tournaments if they wanted mkdd they would say no but thats hypatheticlly speaking.

sravan and galen, when you leave a post, put the trouble monkey clan picture with it. to do that, just click on the little add picture button at the bottom left corner of your comment box. scroll down to the trouble monkey clan logo and hit add picture. I am proud to say that we have the first aadl gt clan logo. And our clan will rank in first too. a gigidy gigidy gigidy gigidy gigidy gigidy gigidy gigidy gigidy alllll right.

Trouble Monkey Clan
Logo for the AADL-GT Trouble Monkey Clan.

Trouble Monkey Clan
Logo for the AADL-GT Trouble Monkey Clan.

sweet picture. i noticed that i can paste other pictures too. is there a point for clans in july?

Trouble Monkey Clan
Logo for the AADL-GT Trouble Monkey Clan.

o yea and does the suprise round count towards clan points or just for prizes


Who is muffincat?

The strongest mele player in the state. She kicked me and my friends ( leinad & Tom) butts when we had a little home tournament. She would end a 2-min four-player free for all with at least 12 points. She vicious and cold-hearted and never loses.

And she love creaming Male Chauvinist Pigs that think that the only game girls play is DDR.

wow noah this is sad. hey will ur clan be at the july tourney. eli while i wsa at the library and art fair i stoped by ur office but u werent there how come. lol me and my friend ugo wanted to play some gamecube. o yea and he said he will come to july he's ok at melee but he sucks at mkdd really bad.

Trouble Monkey Clan
Logo for the AADL-GT Trouble Monkey Clan.

Hey, Eli, do we register 4 this tournament in July?

When we can register you will notice.

even if u cant pre register u can go there and register.

What will the schedule be for the tournament. I take it that Mario Kart will be first so we don't have to set up the lan in the middle.

yea of course. what did we agree on score display and is it 5 minutes or 2 minutes?

I think it was 2 minutes.

no please have it 5 minutes so we can accumilate more points. also in 2 minutes the guy can kill some one then kill himself and stall for the rest of the time to win the game.

To my knowledge we are still playing 4 person free for all Not 1v1 and when did someone suggest 5 min Eli said either 2 or 3 min on the old blog.

o yea so it would be harder for the guy to stall. i still want 5 minutes so we can get more points.

girls can only play dance dance revolution.

Trouble Monkey Clan
Logo for the AADL-GT Trouble Monkey Clan.

That shows how many girls you know. I know several girls that play many different games.

wow i just watched timeline and it was a wonderful movie. i think we should stop the sexism and start debating about melee. some of the things we should talk about are SDs if they are -1 or -2 or 0. another is the amount of time we should have such as 2-5 minutes. i think SDs should be worth -1 or -2 im fine with either but not 0 because if u have a lot of damage u can get rid of it by commiting suicide with no penalty to your points. for the time limit it should be 5 minutes because we do have 8 gamecubes and it should be around 1 hour for each event so 3 piliminarys+2 elimination if we do 1v1v1v1 for playoffs that would only be 25 minutes but to get scores tabulated that would make it 30 minutes. i strongly reccommend that we do 1v1 matches for the playoffs due to the luck factor of the items. also we should give people a chance to get "their" stage because its going to be random so we should do best 2/3 or best 3/5. yes 1v1 may be time consuming but we do have 8 gamecubes where the 16 finalists can play on them. but the 2/3 and 3/5 should only be in the semis and finals. also our clan gets a bounus if we bring in subs because technacilly they are new people. yes i am waiting to hear a post from eli to answer all the questions people have said about melee and clan scoring etc.

so i see that there will be no clans for july but can me still get a bonus if we bring in new ppl?

no one has posted for a while.

lalalalalalaalalala, so bored. Oh and one more thing......SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMM

galen are u drunk or really really high

come on ppl where are ur comments

Ok if you want posts. How about a poll.

Which Characters do you use?

Trouble Monkey Clan
Logo for the AADL-GT Trouble Monkey Clan.

everyone but pichu and ness and jigglypuff and mewtwo.

Very funny Sravan I know you hate all those characters. Now really this is for posterity.

what other tournament is black shark going to. i bet its a madden tournament.

um...What does posterity mean?

Trouble Monkey Clan
Logo for the AADL-GT Trouble Monkey Clan.

like to get ppl to post comments i think

No, It means for future generations.

o ok

It is a Madden tournament. It is at 2 pm. I have plenty of days 2 go 2 AADL-GT tournament, so Madden is now and Axis can wait. The prize 4 the Madden tournament is Madden 06! IT'S FREE! That is why I can only stay for 1.5 hours at the pre-tourney this saturday.

Where is everybody? The only ones posting r Duck, Sravan, Gongy, and me. What happened 2 Eli, TP2, joesmo, muffincat, etc.?

They got lives.

"Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wagn'nagl fhtagn."

They are at band camp.

Trouble Monkey Clan
Logo for the AADL-GT Trouble Monkey Clan.

Band camp hasn't started yet.

"Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wagn'nagl fhtagn."

can u please stop with that quote. what does it mean anyway. noah i doubt u are going to win that madden tournament besides since its on gamecube and if u win it wont be a huge accomplishment cuz there are many other players out there who play on xbox and ps2 etc. but good luck anyway.

But wati, if you win this upcoming tournament what will the first place prize be?

Trouble Monkey Clan
Logo for the AADL-GT Trouble Monkey Clan.

Trouble Monkey Clan
Logo for the AADL-GT Trouble Monkey Clan.

probably some gift certificate to gamestop or something from 40-70$

OMFG i am so happy that the power came back. i was without tv, computer, gamecube, xbox, DVD player etc. for 3 HOURS. i am glad that its over. anyway im gonna make the new predictions for the pre season since now i know who is going. for single mario kart the 4 finalists will be me, galen, duck and maybe mufficant or musicman(sorry if i spelled your name wrong). team mario kart will be the trouble monkeys which is me and galen, the vaccinated monks which is duck and whoever his partner will be, third is maybe black shark and his partner if he doesnt leave before that, then i guess mufficant and musicman if they are partners. ok single melee is gonna be me, galen, duck, and my friend ugo who is new to axis. for team melee is gonna be me and galen(of course), duck and his partner, mufficant and musicman, and last but not least ugo and who ever his partner is. since i dont know the suprise game even though i have a hunch, i cant predict the winners of the $$. these predictions are entirely based on the ppl i know who will be there and the ppl on the blog and are probably going to be 50%wrong so a new person or 2 might come and beat everyone.

Trouble Monkey Clan
Logo for the AADL-GT Trouble Monkey Clan.

i'm not

Super Smash Brothers: Melee Box Art