Digital Talking Book Machine Firmware Update

The National Library Service Materials Development Division modifies the Digital Talking Book Machine (DTBM) software from time to time to correct faults, improve usability, or to add additional features. The latest player firmware update was made on October 24, 2011. This is version 2.1.7.
WLBPD patrons with DTBMs can upgrade players to the latest software in the following manner:

Obtain the latest software from the NLS web site.

Extract (unzip) this file onto a cartridge or USB drive so that the directory "upgrade" appears in the "root" directory of the drive.

Turn on the player.

Insert the cartridge or USB drive containing the software.

The player will announce "Upgrading your player's software."

Wait until the upgrade is complete and the player restarts (about 10 seconds), then remove the cartridge.

The upgrade will only occur if the player's version is older than the version of the software on the cartridge; reinserting the cartridge will not repeat the upgrade.

If you're having trouble, you can find print and audio tutorials for this upgrade on the BARD Talk website.