Bruce Conner Films Screening at the AAFF


Two premiere events in honor of late experimental filmmaker and artist, Bruce Conner (1933-2008), highlight this year's Ann Arbor Film Festival, held March 24-29. The AAFF will host a rare screening of the artist's films, which are not available on DVD or online.

In the late 1950s, Conner was prominent in the San Francisco Beat scene for his avant-garde assemblage scultptures, which were often draped in discarded Eisenhower-era novelties. Furthering this idea of "found" art, he began making short experimental films by editing newsreel and obscure film footage together, then laying either pop or classical music over the images. Critics consider this work a precursor to music videos and Godfrey Reggio's films.

Conner's best known work includes a sculpture titled Child, which depicts a molded child figure screaming in pain and strapped to a high chair with nylon stockings, the non-linear violence hymn, A Movie, and JFK assassination coverage footage, Report. More recent movies from experimental film distributor, Canyon Cinema, will also be shown in honor of Bruce Conner.