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Anime Champloo

UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who came! Next Animanga Club meeting will be the FURUBA Reunion!

Kanpai! Its time to announce the next Animanga Club program. On March 15, AC will be meeting the Northeast Branch (Plymouth road and Nixon, the little shopping mall) and the theme will be Samurai.. or basically all anime involving samurai-like characteristics (think Samurai Champloo, as well as Bleach).

So what is your favorite Swordsman/samurai series? Favorite character? I would have to say Bleach right now (Byakuya certainly makes an impression on me.. cold, unfeeling and weird hair!).. but that's because I'm on Episode 44 of the series, and if I were rich, I would have bought all the books by now.

Also, what would you like to watch during the last part of the program? I'm partial to Bleach, but I'm open to bribes.. er I mean, suggestions.


I started Bleach, but couldn't really get into it. :x I like the manga for Peacemaker, it's pretty spiffy, and the anime's...okay. Hmm, I'm not exactly a /huge/ collector of "samurai" manga, but I have a lot with knights and such. Like Dragon Knights. *heart*

Does HunterxHunter count? Because...umm...a few characters use katana. :D;;; Bleh, totally in to that right now...

And Suikoden! There are always ninja characters in that. >w< ;

Hmm, I don't really know. Well, at least I'll be back from Boston in time, with....more untranslated manga! So I can show everyone D.Gray-man. ^^;

摩族 トレン

Yay! I haven't had time to get into D. Gray-man, but I will say that Bleach doesn't really heat up until episode 25. If I had watched it before reading the manga.. I might not have gotten that far.

Oh, and Ichigo looks a little like my brother (its the hair).

As for knights and dragons, I really liked Magic Knights Rayearth (except for the ending, only watched the first season). I will have to look into HunterxHunter.

ruroni kenshin but i havent read it in a while
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Roruni Kenshin and, I know I should not, but, Samurai Deeper Kyo.

Uh, why not Samurai Deeper Kyo?? (contemplating reading that series)

Yea im not the best at spelling

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I'm even worse at pronunciation. ^_^

bleach is really good. the manga is much better than the anime though...the anime's full of fillers a lot. the problem is, you kinda hafta like both comedy, sadness and fighhting brawls to really love bleach...or you can be a total ditz and bawl-over-random-books-and-movies like me!
rurouni kenshin is probably the closest i ever read to samurai....and maybe peacemaker kurogane.

*still typing out my horrible paper*

Yeah, I would prefer the manga too if I had the time to read it.. its just so much easier to watch the anime in between homework assignments.. I find the filler hilarious (Shinigami Cup Golden!), but its probably just me.

As for Samurai stuff.. well its a jumping off point for discussion next Wednesday. Basically we can do whatever people want to do. :)