animanga zine!

Hi everyone!

at tonight's animanga club we talked about starting up an anime/manga zine that would have reviews, other features/writing, fan art, your own characters/other art, stuff about Japanese language and culture--really anything related to the world of anime and manga that you all want to contribute.

we also talked about:
1. editorial board! can everyone who expressed interest in either editing writing or coordinating/editing art please post and remind us of your names?

2. frequency! does about once a month sound good? if that's our goal, we've got to get rolling on SUBMISSIONS for our very first issue.

3. SUBMISSIONS! Fan art! Your own invented characters! Other related drawings! Photos of cosplay! Reviews of movies you've seen or manga you've read! Reviews of Japanese restaurants or candy or....Minilessons on Japanese language or culture! Rants and raves! Your editorial board (see #1) want to see what you've got!

4. name! we need one. post ideas here and let's try to decide in, say, 2 weeks (that would be the 21st of February).

what am I forgetting? you had so many great ideas I'm sure I'm missing something.

By the way, just to connect blogname with face, I'm Sarah, the spikyheaded one with glasses.


Depends. I've been a fan of japan for awhile, however will this be a total...otakuish newsletter? Not exactly something that would improve anyones reputation. If perhaps the "poser japaneese" thing was toned down, I would be totally into this.

Librarian Edith
Edith, courtesy of Amber

The newsletter/zine is not meant to do anything other than be fun, and reflect the interests of the people who contributed. In other words, the library people don't control content aside from the usual no hentai etc..

Oh, and I am finally watching episodes of Full Metal Alchemist.. v. cool.

yeah i really like the idea of a newsletter/zine but as edith said i think it should just be for fun and just somethine to do with my life i guess cause im borring ^_^ And also i think once a month sounds good im rreally exited to stuff that will be really cool its a good way to learn about new anime/manga and stuff

-uber ninja

p.s. does anyone know how/where i can get stuff for casplay?

Librarian Edith
Edith, courtesy of Amber

hmmm.. there are websites and forums out there which discuss the making of cosplay costumes.. my view is that buying pre-made get-up does not win any prizes, so be creative~!

Also.. just saw episode seven of FMA.. I cried.. is it really depressing from here on out??!

A lot of people make there own costumes, I'm looking to make a new Monty Python costume soon and maybe a Tim one to go with my hat. You can get instuctions on costume creation.

Edith FMA isn't a heart warming tale but it's not going to make you very upset there are very few eposoids like 7. I found that the story kind of flat lines later on in the seiries, but my hopes were very high given the start.

I have to make two costumes because me and my friend want to cosplay. (Me= Nami Friend= Luffy)

1. I'd like to be an editor, as I already critisize people's spelling and stuff too much. xD I'm Stephanie, by the way.

2. DEFINATELY once a month. Nothing bothers me more than newsletters that take forever to come out... except for bad articles. And reveiws that don't criticize things and all. And...

3. How do we submit stuff? And you can still submit things when you're on the editorial board, right?

4. Hmm... I'll have to get back to that, since I'm at school right now and I'm supposed to be revising something (but don't tell anyone... :P). So... I'll post a list of names later!

Great ideas and questions. Right now I'm putting together a set of submission guidelines. My personal thought about the editorial board is that it should be five or so teens and one of the library staff peeps like myself who are willing to meet before or during animanga club, or at least via IM once a month to go through submissions. And yes, of course EB members can submit, maybe someone can have a column or something.

Right now world=your oyster.

What's your AIM again? I think I lost the paper you gave me... it fell out of my sketchbook or something... D:

thanks guys i'm getting ready 4 cosplay now ^_^

IM-- sevenwhiteiris

burn eye at umich dot edu
just put that all together and you'll get me.

Sorry to anyone who tried IMing me last night.. left the comp on to go to the SI Revue, where all the School of Information students showed off their talent to raise funds for Alternative Spring Break. I played a passed out audience member for a comedy sketch and won a shirt that said "MICHIGAN YTILIBASU" on it.. an SI in-joke which I would have trouble explaining.

OK, so now we're thinking that our still-untitled zine will be in an electronic format. What do you all think about having a dedicated blog space for the zine, or putting it together more like a magazine's website? These are some preliminary ideas we're tossing around. (See Animerica's website for an example of what I'm talking about.)

Eh... I kinda like the original idea, but that's just me. As for Animerica... oh, the memories...

um, do you have to be a member of animanga club to be the magazine thing? i wanna join the club, but school has a lot of homework, and i gotta keep up the A's, and cello...and extra chinese homework....oh the terror....but i have several friends that keep me up to date
also: do you think that in the mag, you should add a fanart or perferably original art section?(fanart's everywhere) so maybe a budding manga-ka can display their talents to the world!!!

Yes, well I would love to see some more new talented artists come to Animanga Club.. the zine is up in the air for the moment, but we can discuss that at the next AC.

Ah, and you don't have to BELONG to AC, just show up on Wednesday (see events for details). ^_^