Does hip hop matter?

Confession: When I was about sixteen, I was talking on the phone with someone who was older, "wiser", and definitely more hip than myself. When he asked me if I had a "The Source." I naively responded, quite enthusiastically, that I did. Too bad I thought he said thesaurus and that I had no idea that he was, in fact, talking about a hip hop magazine.

Had Hip Hop Matters been around then and had I browsed it, I would have saved myself the humiliation.

Hip Hop Matters seeks to answer the question of why hip hop matters. The author, S. Craig Watkins is not afraid to delve into the many issues that surround this art form. He explores and complicates the notions of profit versus politics, responsibility, authenticity, identity, economics, bombast, style, credibility, ownership, misogyny, fidelity and much more. This is a far-reaching study about the implications of hip hop with respect to popular culture, politics and beyond.

A book like this could have helped a gal like me.