Kirby is King.


These days an average comics artist working on books like The Fantastic Four, Captain America, and X-Men is hard pressed to create 22 pages of story every month. Jack "King" Kirby, on the other hand, was known for keeping a staggering pace of 15 pages per week over the majority of his 40+ year career. He also co-created many of the aforementioned characters and established what became known as "The Marvel Style" in comics. Despite such an impressive work ethic and fertile imagination, Kirby received little in the way of financial compensation beyond the page rate given to the average artist.
Mark Evanier, assistant to Kirby over a significant portion of his career, charts the King's life in comics from his early years with Joe Simon (with whom Kirby co-created Captain America), to his bittersweet years at DC Comics, to his final days as a story consultant for animation companies like Hanna-Barbera. Kirby: King of Comics is a behind-the-scenes story detailing the triumphs of a soaring imagination as well as the heartbreak that comes from working in an industry before it learned to adequately reward its creative talents.