Bodies in Motion and at Rest

The books are in for the next teen book group discussion! We are reading Bodies in Motion and at Rest, a collection of essays by Thomas Lynch. He is a funeral director from Milford, Michigan, so you’ve guessed it, he writes a lot about death and religion, which should make for a great discussion on Monday, January 9th from 7-8pm. So come sign up at the Downtown Library, receive your own copy to keep, and then join in on the discussion. On January 10th, Thomas Lynch will be speaking at the Neutral Zone from 7-9pm, and you can get your copy signed! A2 Public School students may be able to receive CR (Community Resource) credit for participating. So—-for those that have started to read the book, what did you think about the Cemetery Walk??


A guy named Lynch talking about death, yeah that fits.

Mmmm, that was a cheap shot. I hear the book is pretty good.. I haven't read it yet, though.

This Thomas Lynch title is the first in a series of awesome authors featured in the AADL/NZ sponsored 2nd Tuesday Author Series program. I would love to encourage you all to consider participating in the CR (Community Resources) program for high school students attending Ann Arbor Public Schools - you can get credit for joining this book group/author meeting series. The Neutral Zone handles the official CR details. You get a FREE copy of every book, hang out with high school students from all over town and discuss the book. The next night you get to hear some great poetry, hear the author talk, ask questions - on some pretty edgy, and interesting topics..., and get your book autographed. No papers to write. Just read, talk, listen, learn and meet some cool new people. Whether you try for CR credit or not this program is open to anyone interested! Life, death, the diary of a teenage girl and the return of Davy Rothbart are just a sample of what's covered in this great series. There are still a half dozen copies of the book available - call me at 327-4227 to reserve a spot.