Fall is in the Air

Just because fall is sneaking up on us doesn't mean we need to quit gardening!

Have you asked yourself these questions recently?

1. Do I prune my shrubs in the fall or do I wait until spring?
2. When is it safe to pull out my annuals?
3. Can I divide my perennials now?
4. Do I fertilize my plants for the upcoming winter?
5. Do I cover any plants in my garden before winter comes?

In his book Month-by-month Gardening in Michigan, author James A. Fizzell discusses the most effective planting techniques like how and when to prune, and gives us information on the best season for fertilizing. He leaves no branch unturned as he covers annuals, bulbs, herbs, vegetables, houseplants, lawns, perennials, roses, shrubs, and trees!

So, take the guesswork out of gardening, get your hands on a copy of this fabulous book, and make nice with your garden all year round!!