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Book Clubs to GoBook Clubs to Go

If your book group has trouble getting enough copies for every member to read, the discussion is lackluster from time to time, or you're hard pressed for time reading the book--let alone researching author information and books reviews: The AADL's new service Book Clubs To Go is the answer.

In each of our attractively packaged Book Clubs to Go kits you will find:

* 10 copies of the book (many literary award winners and some in large print format)
* Book reviews and an author biography
* A list of thoughtful discussion questions (Believe me, our staff labored over these so you don't have to!)
* A list of "read alikes"
* and some helpful Book Group Tips to revive, revamp and revitalize any book group.

The kits can be borrowed for 6 weeks and may be picked up at all library locations. Holds should be placed by a representative of the group.

For those books-to-film titles, we have included DVDs to enhance your discussion. Some kits contain two titles to be discussed in tandem. More titles are being added to the collection every week.


Is there a service charge for Books To Go?

No, there's no charge!

Well, it seems to me that if the AADL can afford to pay the costs of all the labor and materials for this program , then perhaps it might stop charging for the rental of brand-new DVD releases.

I'm delighted to hear about this new service...thank you so much! Is there a way of seeing a list of the books besides going through the 4 pages in the catalog?

As far as I know the AADL still orders dozens of copies of new release DVDs that are available for free, just like all other materials. You can place holds on them, and for each number of requests (I think it's between 4 and 8?) the library orders another copy to meet demand. Often new releases have 200+ holds.

The DVDs that cost a dollar a week are available as a way of "jumping the line" and getting a copy without a wait. I'm much happier with this arrangement than having the library buy hundreds of copies of DVDs and then selling them at a loss a couple month later -- that money can well go towards other services.

-Matt Hampel

No, currently there is no other way to display the titles. We thought our patrons might appreciate knowing which kit is available immeidately and be able to go directly to the titles of choice to place their holds.

How do we do that?