The Harry Potter Movie: reviews requested

Harry Potter and Ron Weasley

Its been two(?) weeks since the movie came out, so I think we don't have to worry too much about spoiling it for anyone. What did people think? Did it do justice to Book 4?


No it purely focused on the book storyline and ignored anything pertaining to the future movies. They cut it down to just the main storyline of the book and left everything else out. Plus the few things that were in it were unexplained. They didn't follow up anything and you never really received a full clue about what was going on. You didn't receive the correct view of the storyline; they are either misleading the public or not telling the public anything. It was severely disjointed and didn't have the 10% the depth the book had. Plus the Maze was horrible. Let me just say it better have a lot of deleted scenes in the DVD.

yea the skipped so many important points such as the return to the burrow and herminioe and the house elfs. they wanted to make 2 seperate movies for the 4th book cuz they wanted to include all plot elements. but mike newell decided not to i guess. but the movie was hurmorous but also people at the midnight show were kinda weird. one person cried when cedric died i was like WOW. they also laughed at every scene. but it was the best harry potter film yet and is rising in the box office by a lot almose past the azkaban one already.


if u ask me the left out a lot of details and in the next book movie since it will be even bigger they should make 2 movies for the 5th movie, and trust me people will buy tickets if it's 2 movies, and they will make like twice as much money to thats what i think...

Two Words:
Emma Watson

On another note, I see what you guys are saying, but I liked the movie, even besides its gorgeous leading actress. Yes, they cut out most of the book, took out all the depth and didn't match the book by any standard. But did you expect them to? Yes, the movie would have been impossible to follow for anyone who hadn't read the book, but all three of those people are living uder rocks and don't go watch movies. So, as a movie, not trying to compare it to the book, and keeping the book in mind to follow the missing details, it was great. Sort of like a summarized version of the book with cool special effects and Emma Watson. And seriously, if for no other reason, see it for Emma Watson. She was great in the third one, and 5 times as good this time. But the rest of the movie was good too. Just expecting it to live up to the book is completely unreasonable given the sheer amount of book. (I do think they should have at least mentioned the end of the Quidditch World CUp though.)

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Haha... I second the good looks of Emma Watson ;)

Overall I think it was a great movie. It certainly wasn't one that would make you cringe with bad parts (except for the maze...). And seriously, when was the last time a lengthy book such as HP IV was turned into a movie that included every important scene?

Edit: My biggest problem with the movie is dragons... They only showed Harry's dragon encounter (though that was the only one in the book too, right?)

Oh I forgot about the horrible dragon encounter in which DD (you know the headmaster) lets a dragon run loose on school property. I mean come on the threat to the student body was huge when that dragon broke its chain. Also the fact that the dragon wasn't hunched over a clutch of eggs like a good mother dragon that's surrounded by a hoard of yelling humans, bothered me. Oh yeah and remember in the book he won that event because he was the fastest. It seemed like that was one of the longest scenes in the whole movie.

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dumbldore doesnt make the choice of having the dragon "accidentily" let loose. if he could make decisions regarding the tri wizard tournament he wouldn't have let harry compete in the first place. the hungarian horntail is female, duck? yes it was one of the longest scenes. and i third the good looks of emma watson. i found this fan video on google of her u should check it out. they focused on the yule ball way too much but one of my favorite parts(anyone know why??). they could have taken 5-10 minutes off that and included the herminioe/ house elf thing. also the white substance that u can keep ur thoughts in didn't seem like an important part in the book other than the fact he found out barty crouch had a son.


Yes the dragons were all nesting mothers. I didn't mean he let the dragon run loose I meant he would have stopped it from ravaging the student body. I mean Dragon + crowded stadium = Dead kids.

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What they should have done is eliminated all of that random Tri-Wizard stuff or whatever it was that didn't have Hermoine in it. I slept through those parts until I was reawakened by the seductive sounds of Emma Watsons voice. Okay, well, I'm just kidding... mostly... But the movie would have been better if they had included more Emma.

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H8 harry potter so much oh how i wish that he would die an extermly long and terrrible (not exluding painfull) death

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With regard solely to the movie portrayal of the story, I agree.

We just saw it today, and I think they did a great job compressing the story. The 'horntail chases Harry all over the place' thing was a little strange, but I did not miss the lame house-elf plot at all.

Most of the performances were great, although I have to say that Emma Watson lays it on a bit thick in some scenes. Ralph Fiennes was incredible, and the guy who played Moody was perfect. Although I think that Michael Gambon does OK as Dumbledore, his performance, especially in this movie, was too passionate. Dumbledore just doesn't get that upset about anything. RIP Richard Harris.

After what you guys said here, I was expecting a lot less of the world cup, and as a result, was totally delighted with the sequence. Not actually plodding through the match was an excellent decision.

I liked the unique look of Prisoner of Azkaban, but I think Goblet of Fire was probably the best movie so far. I am man enough to freely admit that I cried, not when Cedric died, but when his dad realized it. The last time I was that emotionally affected by a movie was the Goodbye Song in Muppets Take Manhattan when I saw it during summer camp in 1984.

It was Fozzie's teddy bear that did me in. =)


thats so touching. someone in my theater cried at that part too. last time i cried in a movie was obviously titanic. i also liked the old dumbdore but i think snape was the best actor again.


Yeah I cried when a 30 some person posted on a blog that they hoped no one died in titanic. But those were tears of laughter.

Wait...... Did they hope that nobody perished in the movie, or in the actual sinking of the White Star Line ship, which, according to more recent estimates, may have taken only five minutes?

She didn't want to have anyone in the movie die. I don't think she passed history class.

No kidding. I dont even *have* history class and I know people die. *sniff* the band playing as the ship went down...

I was kinf of angry with two parts in the movie: 1. dumbledore yelling his head off at harry. THIS DOES NOT EVER HAPPEN! Ok, sorry. but Dumbledore is on harry's side. he isint happy, but he doesnt bite his head off.

Also, I yawned all the way through the horntail scene...except when I was filled with righteous indignation at the messing up.

And I agree- Emma looked stunning. Although...anyone agreee with me that the gown was a bit too frilly at the bottom? Whatever, she was still very nice looking. As to Rong and Harry... well, better luck next time, chaps.

I just finished the 6th book and once again its a tragedy. All the cool people are dying in each book like Cedric in the 4th, Sirius in the 5th, and Dumbldore in the 6th. At the end of the 6th though there are many questions to be asked like who is R.A.B and if he's dead did he destroy the horcrux. Also will hogwarts re-open in the next book and who will be the new headmaster. And Harry says he will not return to Hogwarts but will try to find the other horcruxes and destroy them and destroy Snape but i doubt that he will because he couldn't do anything to Snape when they were fighting. But I liked it, its not the best book and its not the worst.


Regulus Black.

isn't that his brother? that does make sense.
how did u know?

Well.. for crazy fans who keep lists, we know that Sirius Black as a middle name.. which means Regulus probably does too. We also know Regulus died of poisoning from the close reading of book five, when they're cleaning out the Black family mansion. In order the get the object from the center of the ghastly pool, you had to drink poison.. now the real question is whether or not Regulus had that crazy house elf aid him in the process, since it would be very difficult to do the whole job on your own..

And it would be nice to redeem the stupid follower brother and say that he found a noble cause in the end, right?

Not only that, if you re-read the chapter about house cleaning, you might also see an object of great interest.. possibly several. I don't want to be the one to give all the gossip away though.

A little thing with Sirius' and Regulus's names is they both happen to be stars. I believe Sirius is in the Big Dog constellation if I remember correctly. Yeah when I read that Harry owned the house I thought for sure there would be some thing that would happened there but no Harry is too dumb to do a little (real) investigating.