Clooney: The Next Redford?

30 years ago, Robert Redford was the politically progressive Hollywood hunk making movies like The Candidate and All the President's Men. This year George Clooney is credited with reviving the political hot-button genre with Good Night, and Good Luck (which he directs and acts) and Syriana (in which he stars). Although he tones down his good looks for the camera, he hasn't bothered to tone down his political views in the press. Sure, he irritates conservatives, but outspoken actors like Sean Penn and Tim Robbins have taken far worse beatings than Clooney far. So what is it? Good looks? A good sense of humor? How about The Redford factor?


mmmmm, I think Clooney's starting a little late compared to Redford, who was a younger guy and a lot more popular as a movie star.. Clooney's still an ER doc in my mind. By the way, have you seen that guy lately? He's 68, and I think he was out in the sun a bit too long in the early years..

It is hard to take any person seriously, movie star or not, with regards to political opinions when they don't even live in the country their are politically evaluating. I am not saying people don't have their opinions, but it seems to hold more credibility when the person lives in the country.