3 Reminders About the Election and 10 Reasons to Vote


The August 5th Primary Election is fast upon us and the Ann Arbor City Clerk reminds voters:
-Polling places are open 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.
-Don't forget to vote on BOTH the front and the back of your ballot
-Don't forget your photo I.D.
Click here for more details on absentee ballots, who's on the ballot, where to vote.

Why vote? The League of Women Voters has Ten Reasons to Vote and every one of them counts, so get to the polls and be counted.


During lunch today I voted an absentee ballot. Last week I was not sure that I even had anything to vote on. Turns out I got to make a choice on Ann Arbor's mayor, my city council member (the incumbent is the major sponsor of all the backyard chicken raising discussions, at least it has boosted the circulation of the library's chicken raising books: four are checked out, two have holds), Washtenaw County sheriff, the drain commissioner (three people want the job), and 15th District Court judge.

Please update this post to let people know that they CAN still vote even without a valid picture ID. From the Ann Arbor County Clerk's website: "Voters without ID will not be turned away on Election Day! Any voter not possessing valid ID on Election Day can sign an affidavit in order to vote."