What Should I Read? We suggest trying BookLetters


Booklovers everywhere value suggestions only from trusted sources - like from your favorite librarian. Now, there is another source - BookLetters.

When you subscribe to any (or all) of these 20 e-newsletters, you will receive monthly email newsletters with a list of carefully selected and reviewed choice titles to match your interest, whether it's with award winners, book club choices, fiction, mystery, science fiction and fantasy, business, or science and nature. Check out the Teen Scene and the Children's Chapter Books for the young readers in your family.

So when your favorite librarian does not answer the phone at 2 a.m. and you need a quick book fix, check your email (or RSS feed). But first, you have to subscribe and do let us know how you like them.


I've subscribed to several through the RSS feed (google reader). They look like they could be interesting and a good source of ideas for what to read next (though I'm not exactly lacking there for now). Unfortunately, the formatting is poor enough that I'm unlikely to read them if it doesn't change in the future.

The audio newsletter came through great - each book had a section to itself, with a picture of the cover and a paragraph or two about the book. The rest were long strings of book titles and authors with links to click to read more, followed by a link at the bottom which would take me to a page with a better formatted newsletter. Some also had paragraphs describing upcoming books, but they were unformatted, making them a solid block of words that was difficult to read.

If there's a way to format all the newsletters like the audio one for the RSS feed, please do!

Dear jenifer,

Thanks for using BookLetters so quickly! We're sorry that the formatting of the newsletters isn't as nice as you would like. BookLetters is actually a database that the Library subscribes to, so we don't have any control over how the BookLetters display. However, if you would like to contact BookLetters directly, I'm sure they would welcome your comments as they are always looking to improve their product. You can find contact info on the BookLetters website.

Thanks again for using BookLetters!


I tried receiving BookLetters through RSS using Bloglines and it worked great, displayed nicely.

I tried receiving BookLetters through Google Reader and it did look terrible. I discovered that you can click on the name of the BookLetter at the very bottom of the feed in Google Reader and it will open the BookLetter formatted the way you would want it to display. So I guess it is a formatting problem between BookLetters and Google Reader. A workaround would be to click on that bottom link when you get a BookLetters through Google Reader.

That's interesting that it works on bloglines. I'll definitely contact BookLetters about it. I did click on the link at the bottom, but I'm not willing to do that regularly. If it doesn't come in formatted in a way I can read it easily, I'll just skip it. Thanks for the tip on bloglines, though!