My car curbed itself in May

Amazing how those handy 12-A and 12-B AATA buses always show up right when you need them, and how the drivers are so friendly when you show them your GoPass. Yes, embarrassing, but my car had been driving downtown a little too much in April, dragging me with it. When it landed in the shop in early May, well, I found myself suddenly, magically, and completely aligned with Curb Your Car Month! Good news: My bus rides downtown are generating more green ideas, including a plan to read the new book Climate Solutions: a citizen’s guide by Peter Barnes with a foreword by Bill McKibben. At 93 pages, this book looks like good bus reading. I'm also planning to go to The Mayor's Green Fair on Main Street June 13. Maybe in my car, probably not.


I just started working downdown recently and have found I love riding the bus. Like you, it perfectly aligned with the May Get Downtown Commuter Challenge. It also made me want to read more about the environment so I recently picked up RiverTime: Ecotravel on the World's Rivers. So far, it is a readable travel book packed with good writing and fascinating information. I like living in a town where you don't really need a car.