A Literary Dealbreaker?


Today an interesting topic came up in a discussion on NPR: do a person's reading preferences determine whether or not they are dateable? Would it be a "deal-breaker" to enter a date's home and find a Clive Cussler* novel on his-or-her coffee table? Would whether or not you pursue a relationship with a person depend on their Amazon wish list? What do you think matters more, what a person reads, or how much they actually reflect on what they read? If the latter appeals to you more, the library offers several books with information on critical reading, and feel free to offer your thoughts on this topic in the comment thread for this post!

*Note: If you have a Clive Cussler novel on your coffee table, my apologies.


I think it's a huge deal-breaker. I would never date anybody that reads.

And... I think I've said too much.

Grown men reading 'Are you there God, It's me Margaret' give me pause.

First date, his house, glass of wine...

A casual glance over to the coffee table and you catch a glimpse of these titles:

Pipe Bombs For Dummies

101 Uses for Belly Button Lint

Best U.S. Jobs for Those Without a G.E.D.

How To Talk To People About Your Schizoaffective Disorder

My Hero, My Hoff

I dunno about you, but these MAY be deal breakers for me

This is where we differ, French_Film_Girl. My Hero, My Hoff is a classic for the ages.