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Eleanor & Park

by Rowell, Rainbow.

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Call number: Teen Fiction / Rowell, Rainbow, R Printz Honor 2014

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"Set over the course of one school year in 1986, this is the story of two star-crossed misfits--smart enough to know that first love almost never lasts, but brave and desperate enough to try"-- Provided by publisher.

Community Reviews

Liked it

well-written, I don't know that I'd necessarily have teens read it but I enjoyed it!

amazing teen book

Rainbow Rowell creates the best characters! This is a great book with two teenagers experiencing first love. The characters and plot are emotionally compelling, and I could not put the book down.

Eleanor and Park

This is cute. The dialogue is witty and the plot is easy to follow, fans of John Green would love this.m


I have to say, this book captivated me from the start, to the end. It is such a beautiful story, and after this book, I frantically searched up all of Rainbow Rowell's books. In the end, I have read all of her books. She is a true artist in words!

Loved it!

I'm not of high school age but I was back in the 80s so I could totally relate to all the 80s culture references. A great book about a teenager's first love while dealing with adult size problems. Though, I kept dreading each chapter just waiting for something really bad and sad to happen but fortunately, the author kept it pretty safe. Very sweet ending!


A cute teenage love story! Talks about family problems, ethnically different marriages, and other things that are all very interesting.
I would recommend it for someone of high school age

Teenage Love

Very well written teenage love story, some awkward moments I didn't particularly enjoy just because they felt uncomfortable (too close to home?). I am looking forward to her next book.


Fun to read.

Perfect Teenage Love Story

Filled with all the angst and excitement of a great, realistic love story. Enduring, true to life characters.


The surprise at the end was the best part.

Great read!

This is such a great read! I just loved it. Eleanor, Park, the music, the story. Parts are sad. But overall it's a lovely story.
Great for John Green fans of great modern realistic fiction.

So Good

This was such a great read, not that parts aren't disturbing. I can only hope that things went well in the end for these two, but the author leaves it up to the reader to decide. Still, the way the relationship of Eleanor and Park developed did seem realistic, as did the dialogue.

Believable and Sweet

First love. Inching towards a sound, meaningful relationship. Believable and sweet, with memories of your own first love bubbling up from the beyond. Issues of a bad, sinister step-parent, identity, and bullying all wound up in the story too. Eleanor & Park figure it out--together. Says Park of Eleanor, "Holding Eleanor's hand was like holding a buttefly. Or a heartbeat. Like holding something complete, and completely alive." Won a Printz honor award too for 2013.

First love in the 80s

A bus seat puts misfits Eleanor and Park in the same orbit, but a comic book brings them together. Neither half-korean, insular Park nor big, ostentatious-by-necessity Eleanor thinks much of their seat-partner - he thinks she looks like something that wouldn't survive in the wild, and she's far too distracted by her disastrous home life to give him any real attention at all, even IF the only thing he's ever said to her involved angry swearing. But when Park realizes she's surreptitiously reading the comics plopped open in his lap, he starts giving her stacks of them to smuggle home under the eye of her drunken, abusive step-father. A friendship born of X-men, The Smiths, and batteries slowly becomes a romance so deeply real that their lives can't help but change. An expertly crafted romance set in 1986, Rainbow Rowell's sophomore novel depicts the desperation of first love, the pain of being trapped in one's own life, and familial tension without becoming melodramatic or self-pitying. While Park's race and Eleanor's size both receive focus, neither is treated in such a way that the characters are reduced to that one characteristic. Nor do the characters come across as too saintly - each character has faults that make them more, not less, relatable. Rowell also takes full advantage of her not-too-distant-past setting to interweave several pop culture references into the narrative naturally, secure in the knowledge that some 26 years later, those particular references still remain relevant. An emotional tale that ultimately leaves it to the reader to decide whether young love will thrive or die, "Eleanor & Park" might not empower its protagonists to change the world they live in, but every page feels undeniably real.


This book is a great read. The plot is very interesting. People who are a fan of John Green's books will like this book.

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