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Hapi Drum

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Where To Find It

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  • 1 Hapi Drum
  • 2 mallets
  • 1 drum bag

How To Use

The Hapi Drum is designed to be played gently - rough play or striking the drum hard may damage the instrument. Place the Hapi Drum on a flat surface or your lap. Gently tap the notes with your thumbs, fingers or the palm of your hands. You can experiment by gently hitting the sides, bottom and other parts of the drum to generate different sounds. The Hapi Drum is designed around a pentatonic scale (five note per scale), which means that you can play the notes in almost any order and they will still sound good. These two features make the Hapi Drum an excellent tool for musical therapy. If you desire a cleaner sounding tone you can use the included mallets to gently strike the intended note. A full note key is included in the instructions under "Documentation". At no time should you hit the drum forcefully as it may detune the instrument, a gently touch is all that's required to get great sounds out of the Hapi Drum.


View Instructions (PDF)


What You Get

One Hapi Drum Slim in C Major scale; two malletts.

Community Reviews

Good kid drum?

Good for the musically-inclined toddler: fun, looks very robust, makes a pretty mellow sound even when hit very hard. (Not to encourage that, though: the instructions warn that playing hard will upset the tuning.)

very intuitive

This is the most intuitive of the music tools we've checked out. Everyone who has seen it just wants to start playing. Great fun!

Fun drum!

This is one of my favorite music tools at AADL. It's easy to play for all ages and produces a great sound.

HAPI makes you....

We were quite surprised at how pleasant the HAPI sounds. The kids had a lot of fun with it.

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