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Out of my mind

by Draper, Sharon M.

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Considered by many to be mentally retarded, a brilliant, impatient fifth-grader with cerebral palsy discovers a technological device that will allow her to speak for the first time.

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Good book

This book is amazing. I read it over and over. Funny,sad,happy, and touching all at the same time. My heart broke in some spots and then was healed. this other is a genius.

11 year old recommended this to me

Another recommended by my 11 year old son, another completely worth my time.

Like _Wonder_, this helps the reader see the world from someone else's perspective, but this time from the mind and wheelchair of a girl with quadriplegic cerebral palsy. She is 11, and has never spoken a word in her life. She knows how the world sees her, and wishes that she could tell them all that goes on in her mind. Then one day, with the help of people who believe in her, she finds a way, and everything changes....

Absolutely fantastic. This will stretch the minds and hearts of child and adult readers alike. A wonderful story, a life-altering perspective, and my son didn't care that he was reading about a girl. It must have been well done.

Definitely works for 4th-7th grades. Does your child have a realistic fiction book assignment? Try this one. Get it in your teacher's classroom. Bring it home and leave it on the coffee table. Read it yourself and then hand it to your spouse.

Highly, highly recommended.


I liked this book because everything didn't work out perfectly, and that was okay.

How people should be treated

This book really show cases what people with disabilities are treated at schools. Think they are not smart and can't learn. It bring a lot of love to Melody


This book is SO inspiring to people with disabilities and without. Draper really makes you feel what the main character is feeling. This is truly a amazing book.

The Best!

This is definitely one of the best books that I have ever read. So moving. I was touched and amazed at how such one, single disease can limit a person. I definitely recommend this book! I finished it in one day. A BIG 5 star from me for this one.


this book is so sad since melody can't use her real voice until fifth grade.


Amazing and touching.

Great Book

This was a great book. It is a very sad story but once you get to the end you know that it was all worth it. All of the crying and wishing that the sadness would end. It is all ok in the end. I think.


A really good book that helps people understand how it would feel to have a disability.

great and moving

GREAT book. VERY moving. VERY inspirational novel about a girl who is a genius but cant speak and move very well


Out Of My Mind is definitely one of the
best books I have ever read because of its
main character!


The tale of a girl who learned to speak her mind. Literally!!! This was very touching. It was like those teen dramas where nobody can fit in and only the perfect ones are the cool ones! I really loved this book because it really showed that no matter who you are and what problems you have you will always shine!

Really Good!

This is an amazing, inspirational novel. Melodys thoughts really give you a great perspective on how people with disabilities feel.

Highly encourage reading

This has a fantastic story, but I love it for the lovely message about resilience. Parents will appreciate the message that life isn't always fair, but you can't let that be an excuse. The beautiful aspect of this book is that kids will appreciate it too. The ending is realistic not Disney, but this allows the character to overcome it. Perfect for my going-into-fifth grade daughter, but good enough that I also enjoyed it.

So good

THIS BOOK IS AMAZING. I gave up on reading. Then I read this book. Then I began reading again. There you have it. This book made me think differently about children with disabilities. I love it.

Fish out of water

Draper walks you through what it would be like to have Melody's condition: how some people would treat you with kindness while others treat you with cruelty (or ignore you completely). This also did a good job of sucking you into the elementary school microcosm. It was like looking at the world through the eyes of a fifth grader.

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