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Haunted castle on Hallows Eve

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Youth level.

Age level: 5 and up.

Grade level: K and up.

"A Stepping Stone book."

In their magic treehouse, Jack and Annie are again transported to King Arthur's realm, where invisible beings, giant ravens, and mistaken magic spells have a duke's castle in an uproar on Halloween night.

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good to read




i like merlin missions

Let's fiy

What a raven story.

Good for Halloween

In the thirtieth installment of Mary Pope Osborne's popular Magic Treehouse series, Merlin contacts Jack and Annie near Halloween, asking them to help him solve the mystery of a haunted castle. Castle is a fast paced, suspenseful read that will entertain young readers as they improve their reading skills. This slim volume would not prove to be intimidating to even the most nervous reader. Murdocca's abundant pen and ink illustrations will be comforting to children as they make their transition from easy readers to chapter books. Two-page illustrated spreads are common and reminiscent of a picture book. The main plot concerns ghosts so be prepared for some mild thrills, although the scary parts are age appropriate. A good selection for a Halloween themed book display.

Great Book!

awsome book but may be scary for littler kids

Great Series

The Magic Tree House series brings back so many great memories. I remember reading these books when I was in the third grade and they were my favorite books. Everyone in my class was so into these books, they wouldn’t let go of them. These books are action-packed, full of adventure, filled with astounding twists and turns, and sometimes give the reader a nice laugh. Not only do they entertain the reader, but they also give tons of information about history. The storylines aren’t all that bad, either. I think it’s a nice way to educate our young ones. The series is a very interesting mix of fiction and nonfiction. Sometimes, I even find myself skimming through the books just for a nice, quick, twenty-minute read. I bought a few of the books when I was younger and now I’ve passed them on to my younger sister. She not only loves the series, but she is determined to read the entire series. I also appreciate the fact that the author, Mary Pope Osborne, is still writing books in the Magic Tree House series. Each book is a simple chapter book, ranging from seventy pages to one-hundred twenty pages. I would definitely recommend this entire series to anyone from kindergarten to fourth grade (based on the individual’s reading level, of course).


i love it


In this book, Jack and Annie get to know Teddy and do this quest with him.


Go back to the tome of knights and magic!


Jack and Annie (brother and sister) discover a tree house that can take them any place in the books inside the tree house. They meet Morgan, the owner of the tree house, who is a magical librarian. In each book, they are given a puzzle to solve and a reference book that helps them. They explore science and history in the process of solving these puzzles. Some of the books were a bit scary for my kids. Generally, Jack and Annie work well together but there are times when Annie makes poor decisions that get them into trouble. A good way to sneak in some teaching in a reasonably entertaining and inoffensive manner

Merlin Mission

Another awesome Merlin Mission for Jack and Annie.

this is off the chizzain! :oD

this is off the chizzain! :oD


cool book.



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