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Life of Pi

by Martel, Yann.

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Surprisingly entertaining considering he is on a boat almost the whole time


I ran out of books while on a getaway weekend with my husband, and found this for the trip home.

At page 71 I thought, "When do we get to the STORY? This background is all well and good, but a story is when 'something happens, and therefore something changes.' When is something going to HAPPEN?"

At page 120 I thought, "Here it is!" and couldn't put the book down for the next 300 pages.


Educational and Entertaining

This book captures your attention and truly transports you into someone else's life (in this case Pi's life). I was also surprised about how educational the book turned out to be. I learned a lot about the true pressures of survival and a lot about zoos and animals. It was a great story, and it gives just the right amount of room for interpretation.

Expect the Unexpected

This book does an incredible job of creating a bizarre and intense reality and then completely turning it around at the end. This book is fully engaging, and manages to make the reader question everything they've been so absorbed in throughout the novel. Not only that, Martel manages to do it with a degree of humor that it is surprising and very welcome given the extremity of the situation.

I've recommended it often to others, and have heard that the first part of the book, about Pi's life in India and the development of his interest in each of the major world religions is a little slow. I think it all works together beautifully, but understand that it's a rather slow start for those expecting a story of shipwreck and survival from page one.


This book made me think a lot. It didn't stick to the the cliche new age-y way of thinking things, which was refreshing to me.


I loved this book. I would have preferred a more specific and happier ending to the book but overall it was amazing and very well written.

Room for Interpretation

One of my favorite things about books is when there is room for interpretation, and you can definitely find that in Life of Pi. It's the type of book that you'll find yourself thinking about after you've finished it and still trying to piece it together in a different way. Why it is categorized as teen fiction, I dont know, I think it's a great adult read.

Enjoyable fiction on faith and survival

Martel's character, Pi, takes an interesting perspective on Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity. His insightful comparisons should be read by everyone from any religious background for a bit of reflection. The harrowing tale of survival on a lifeboat is made uniquely more complex with a Bengal tiger on board. I enjoyed the read for both its philosophical nature and its entertainment value.

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