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After the death of the uncle who had been his guardian, fourteen-year-old Alex Rider is coerced to continue his uncle's dangerous work for Britain's intelligence agency, MI6.

Community Reviews


I really like the first book. One of the best.

a thriller

it is the first book good to start


lots of action

great book

once i started reading it i couldn't put it down

1st book!

This is the first book of this series. There is a lot action!

A must read!!

Action packed Stormbreaker is a must read and impossible to put down! Will leave you questioning what you thought is true!


Sucks that his uncle died in the beginning

Great book, couldn't put it down

I read this book a few years ago and it was great! The plot is captivating, the characters very well-developed and with just the right amount of corny-ness Anthony Horowitz has produced a great novel for pre-teen and teens alike. If you want a good thriller that you won't be able to keep your nose out of, this book is for you!


This is a really good start to a really good series.


cool book


This book is really amazing. In this book, Alex Rider becomes a spy for the MI6 just like James Bond.

love it


A Great Start to a Great series

This is a GREAT book and the next books only get better. I kept getting in trouble because I would stay up past 3:00 AM in the morning reading because it was SOOOOOOOO good.

Great Book

I couldn't put it down when reading it, and I am still reading the rest of the books!


When I read it I coudn't stop reading it


It looks like a good book, although i havent heard about it in a while better start reading...

BEST BOOK EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

Alex Rider, a 14 year old teenager, has his uncle, Ian Rider, dies in a severe car-accident. He remembers that his uncle had an office in his house that he always kept locked. After Ian Rider's funeral, when Alex Rider got home, a truck was in front of his house. He ran inside and noticed that the office door
is open. What will happen next? You have to read to find out...

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