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Dolphins at daybreak

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Call number: J Fiction / Magic Tree House

Available Copies: Downtown Youth, Pittsfield Youth, Traverwood Youth, West Youth

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Youth level.

Age level: 5 and up.

Grade level: K and up.

"A first stepping stone book."

Their magic tree house takes Jack and Annie deep into the sea, where they meet up with dolphins, sharks, and octopi as they search for the answer to an ancient riddle.

Community Reviews


This book is awesome!!!!!

Good book

Dolphins at Daybreak was a good book. Jack and Ainnie went in to Morgan's tree house. Inside was lot of book . There was a open book. Ainnie wish to go there.


I love dolphins. I'm glad they got help from the dolphins.

Good series

My son really liked this series but They are really formulaic so they start to get old for the adults reading it.




Jack and Annie travel to the deep sea making new friend along the way.


I love these series xD. I really enjoyed them as a kid and I still recommend them to all my cousins or friends kids that need to read



mth is awesome!

mth is awesome!


Jack and Annie (brother and sister) discover a tree house that can take them any place in the books inside the tree house. They meet Morgan, the owner of the tree house, who is a magical librarian. In each book, they are given a puzzle to solve and a reference book that helps them. They explore science and history in the process of solving these puzzles. Some of the books were a bit scary for my kids. Generally, Jack and Annie work well together but there are times when Annie makes poor decisions that get them into trouble. A good way to sneak in some teaching in a reasonably entertaining and inoffensive manner


I used to love these books!

Great book

The dolphins were cool.

Great and Educational

Jack and Annie dive into the sea as they ride on a broken submarine-like machine, only to find themselves stranded....with two dolphins who are actually willing to help.








This is a great series for young readers. Jack and Annie travel through time with the help of Morgan le Fey's,a magical witch from Camelot ,magic tree house. Help these two heroes as they travel through time on a awesome adventure.

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