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To kill a mockingbird

by Lee, Harper.

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so many levels

The teacher that my boys have all had for 5th & 6th grade uses this book as a read-aloud. My oldest son had to read this again in 9th grade. And this year, the youngest one read it as a 5th grader in (an adult-led) book club. After helping him keep on track with some of his weekly readings, I decided to read it again myself - and began to wonder if I'd ever really read the entire book! Perhaps I gave up back in the 3rd grade and only saw the movie. Jem reading to Mrs Dubose, Scout serving cookies to the ladies' missionary society social hour - so much I didn't remember.

So now I am left to wonder what is the best time to read the book. How much really sinks in when you are 10 and 11, even with an adult helping you pull out important themes? What do you get from it as a high schooler? [That son is now in 10th grade, and had to do a mock trial for this year's English class. He chose Atticus Finch as their lawyer's name, because 'he's the best lawyer ever' or something along those lines.] Perhaps the best solution is to read it multiple times at many ages, viewing it through the lenses of your own different experiences.

Great Book

Really good characters, setting and plot - this book is so well constructed, but also just a good story.
The movie with Gregory Peck is also a classic worth watching.

To Kill A Mockingbird

To Kill A Mockingbird has clearly changed my perspective and the way I look at things and people. It has changed my view and I think it could change anybody's too. It is really a classic that everybody should read at least once.


I think that this book is great but it has a slightly confusing beginning. The first part of the book was okay and then it got better in the second part. Also, you'll understand what the introduction is talking about.


It is my favorite nice book!

Loved it!

My parents had been telling me what a great book this was but I never got around to reading it. I didn't think it would be that interesting. I took a class on this book and I realized how great this book was. I loved all of the characters even if they weren't a huge part of the book. I thought the book was amazing and I'm really glad I got to read it.


A wonderful story about how Atticus Finch, a lawyer defends a black man accused of rape, and how other significant issues in society are expressed.


It was a really good book. I was forced to read this for english class and it turned out to be a great book. It describes racism very well and how well a young childs mind works. It has definitely made my top 10 book list, and thats saying a lot

A must-read!

Great book! Magnificent plot! This book also taught me a lesson. You'll just have to read it to know!

Great book

One of my all time favorites, I think this is essential reading for everyone.

great book

better than movie

To Kill A Mockingbird

Lee masterfully wove this classic tale to be a masterpiece that would be loved forever. I found the book insightful and well written.


Sounds like a good book. I have to read it for school.

Good Beyond Its Reputation

I put off reading this book for ages because I thought I knew what it was about: a southern lawyer defends a black man accused of raping a white woman. But that really only represents a small part of the plot. Would you believe the trial doesn't even begin for a hundred pages? This is a poignant, hilarious (what a surprise!), magnificently written coming of age story that really captures the beautiful (and sometimes cruel) absurdities of living in the south. Words like habiliments and scuppernongs will be with me forever.

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