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  • Published: New York : Scribner, [1953], c1925.
  • Year Published: 1925
  • Description: 180 p. ; 18 cm.
  • Language: English
  • Format: Book

Reading Level

  • Lexile: 1070

ISBN/Standard Number

  • 0743273567
  • 1451689438


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The great Gatsby

by Fitzgerald, F. Scott 1896-1940.

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Additional Details

Jay Gatsby had once loved beautiful, spoiled Daisy Buchanan, then lost her to a rich boy. Now, mysteriously wealthy, he is ready to risk everything to woo her back. Bathtub gin, flappers and house parties that last all week enliven Fitzgerald's classic tale, a startling portrait of Gatsby's search for meaning in his opulent world.

Community Reviews

The Great Gatsby

The great American novel.

What a great read!

I enjoyed this book very much. I always felt it was a book many people read and wondered why I was never assigned in school to read it! I finally made a summer reading list and I am so happy I included this book in my list. To me, it read so mysterious. I was intrigued by all the details...and finally we hear the truth about Jay Gatsby!
The book is not too long, and so you can get it read very quickly. I couldn't stop reading it.
You should also read up about the author, Fitzgerald is a very interesting person and after reading about him I was able to get some insight on how he came to create such interesting characters and write this story.

Old Sport

Wow! What a great novel.
It's slow in the beginning, but the romance really blossoms throughout the story. The ending (no spoilers) was pretty tragic.

Amazing book - give it a chance

This is one of those books you are sometimes forced to read in school. But oh, boy is it worth it. Read it even if you aren't forced. As another reviewer said, it isn't that long at all.

Fitzgerald writes so beautifully you find yourself re-reading sentences just because you've never seen anyone express an idea so perfectly. His writing talent in this book is astounding. If you like excellent writing, this a book for you.

Fitzgerald pulls us into the world of each of his characters and paints them incredibly. We may not like these characters, but we certainly know them. The world of rich long islanders in the 20s and their questionable activities comes to life.

A worthwhile read, even if your teacher says you have to. If you read it in school and didn't like it, give it another chance.

Gatsby, Great

It has taken me awhile to get around to reading The Great Gatsby. Probably partly because it has never been assigned reading for me in any high school or college class, no one had ever brought up the book in a topic of conversation, and also, Andy Kaufman.

Andy Kaufman once did a stand-up special in which he attempted to read The Great Gatsby, much to the dismay of his audience. I saw this special when I was young and it had always left me with the impression that The Great Gatsby was an incredibly long novel. As the crowd boos Andy while he's trying to read, he responds, "Ladies and gentlemen, please! We still have a long way to go..." It's a very funny bit, pure genius, pure Andy. So Andy left me thinking that The Great Gatsby was a monster of a book, probably 600+ pages, and I never sought it out. It's not that I don't read long novels, but I had plenty to read on my own without jumping into a book that zero people had recommended in my lifetime.

Very recently a fellow co-worker blogged about the great American novel, suggesting The Great Gatsby. I was reminded again. Pulling it off the shelf at the library I noticed that the book is 180 pages all together, not long at all. Andy Kaufman tricked me! (Typical). But I now think that one of the great things about the novel is that such a story was written within 180 pages and it is perfect at that length, it does not need to be any longer.

I now understand the appeal, and why Gatsby has been so often studied and praised. It is so well written that probably every writer in the world should read it to take a cue from Fitzgerald. However, I feel that the best novels in the world should be thought provoking in a way that the reader examines some moral and philosophical issues - and The Great Gatsby did not provide this for me (hence the four, not five stars). Still, it is a story to get lost in, incredibly well written, and the perfect length. There's characters you will never forget, and the atmosphere Fitzgerald creates seems to take you right back in time. Have I also failed to mention it is often very funny, too? It is.

Come along old sport.

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