Our Water, Our Future: A Local Panel

This event was held on March 22, 2011 at Downtown Library: Multi-Purpose Room

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March 22 is World Water Day. As clean drinking water becomes increasingly hard to find in many places around the globe, it makes sense to look closely at our local water supply and to consider the issues that may affect it in the future

Join us for this special discussion (originally scheduled for February) as Professor Mike Wiley of the UM School of Natural Resources moderates a panel of local water experts, who will discuss the challenges facing our local water systems and what their organizations are doing to plan for the future. Issues affecting the future management of storm, drinking, ground, surface, and wastewater will be discussed.

Panelists include: Harry Sheehan, Senior Environmental Manager, Office of the Washtenaw County Water Resources Council (storm water); Molly Wade, Unit Manager, Water Treatment Services, City of Ann Arbor (drinking water); Matt Naud, Environmental Coordinator, City of Ann Arbor (ground water); Laura Rubin, Executive Director, Huron River Watershed Council (surface water); Earle Kenzie, Unit Manager, Waste Water Treatment Services, City of Ann Arbor (waste water)

This event is co-sponsored by the University of Michigan's Winter 2011 LSA Theme Semester on Water.

The City of Ann Arbor has provided this CLARIFICATION TO PANEL Q&A DISCUSSION:

"The City has never detected 1,4 dioxane at the City’s drinking water intake.

Low levels of 1,4 Dioxane have been measured in the water leaving the wastewater plant NOT in any drinking water source.

A jar test study completed several years ago indicates that the water plant may be able to remove very low levels of 1,4, dioxane."

For questions about this, contact Molly Wade at 734-794-6426 or mwade@a2gov.org

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