The Ethics of Crisis: What Counts As Fair Treatment During a Public Health Disaster? Cosponsored by UM Office of the President, Ethics in Public Life Initiative

This event was held on November 28, 2007 at Downtown Library: Multi-Purpose Room

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Katrina. 9/11. SARS. Public health disasters come in many forms but all bring with them a sudden, often massive increase in health needs. Who should be vaccinated first if a pandemic strikes? Should stockpiling of supplies be permitted by those other than public or community health organizations? Who receives scarce intensive care beds or - in extreme scarcity - any medical treatment at all? How will Americans react to being told to wait their turn? Dr. Susan Dorr Goold, Assoc. Prof. of Internal Medicine and Health Management and Policy, and Director, Bioethics Program at UM, will moderate a panel discussion of experts in public health, disaster preparedness, and ethics of resource allocation during times of panic, turbulence and often extreme scarcity. Panelists will include Bruce A. Cadwallender, Director, Safety & Emergency Management, UM Hospitals & Health Centers; Ellen J. Clement, Director, Washtenaw County Health Department; Peter D. Jacobson, Professor of Health Management & Policy; and Howard Markel, Director, Center for the History of Medicine.

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