Brigadier General Carol Ann Fausone Discusses Taking Care Of Our American Heroes and Their Families

This event was held on October 28, 2010 at Downtown Library: Multi-Purpose Room

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Understanding our veterans after they have returned home can be difficult. The emotions to deal with include relief, hope, and a desire for things to "return to normal". Then, there are the emotions and behaviors of our veterans who have lived in and through extreme conditions that are anything BUT "normal". Every veteran is different and so is every family, but there are some common "readjustment problems". Brigadier General Carol Ann Fausone will discuss this topic and reach out to families as we near Veteran's Day. This event is part of Investing In Abilities Week.

Brigadier General Carol Ann Fausone is currently the Assistant Adjutant General of Veterans Affairs, for the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, State of Michigan. She received her commission in the United States Air Force as a medical officer in 1977.

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