Hungry Planet/Healthy Schools With Photojournalist Peter Menzel, Co-author of 'Hungry Planet, What The World Eats,' and Kim Eagle, MD, Director of Project Healthy Schools

This event was held on October 7, 2009 at The Ark

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This community symposium will explore cultural/geographical relationships to food and the need for nutrition as a preventative measure against chronic disease. Peter Menzel, photojournalist and co-author of 'Hungry Planet, What The World Eats,' will discuss how globalization, migration, and rising affluence are affecting the diets of communities around the globe. This event will include a book signing and copies of Hungry Planet will be available for purchase, courtesy of Nicola's Books.

Following Peter's talk, Dr. Kim Eagle, Albion Walter Hewlett Professor of Internal Medicine and Director of the Cardiovascular Center at the University of Michigan Health System, will provide an overview of Project Healthy Schools. This unique program is designed to teach middle school students about heart-healthy lifestyles, including the need for nutrition, with hopes of reducing their future risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

This event is made possible through Partners In Research grants R03 NS065493 and R03 NS065491-0 from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke of the National Institutes of Health and is co-sponsored by the Michigan Institute for Clinical and Health Research and the UM Health Sciences Libraries.

For more information, check out Peter Menzel's Hungry Planet and books on children's health.

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