Frances Kai-Hwa Wang Discusses Multicultural Toolbox: Strategies for Raising our Children with Culture(s), Language(s), and Pride

This event was held on May 27, 2009 at Traverwood Branch: Program Room

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In our quickly changing world, cultural fluency and multiple languages are becoming more important for our children’s identity, self-esteem, friendships, connections with family, and future job possibilities. In this lively and fast-paced event, Frances Kai-Hwa Wang will introduce practical tools and strategies to make cultural education a part of our everyday lives. How do we make teaching about their/our/other cultures and values “normal”, and then use it to build better and stronger communities for all of us?

Frances Kai-Hwa Wang is a second-generation Chinese American. She is an editor for’s Asian-American Village; she writes the syndicated column Adventures in Multicultural Living (available at; and she is the Executive Director of American Citizens for Justice/ Asian American Center for Justice.

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