Bright Nights Community Forum: Depression and Anxiety in Youth and Adolescents with UM Depression Center

This event was held on November 17, 2009 at Downtown Library: Multi-Purpose Room

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Transient fears and anxieties can be a part of normal childhood development, but if the anxiety causes excessive distress and/or interferes with school performance, activities, or relationships, this could be an indication of an anxiety disorder. To provide greater understanding of anxiety disorders and depression in children and adolescents, including the latest treatment options, Kate Fitzgerald, MD, Assistant Professor in the Child and Adolescent Anxiety Program and member of the Depression Center at the University of Michigan, will lead a panel including Katharene Schoof, LCSW, a clinical social worker in the U-M Department of Psychiatry, and Shauna Tindall, PhD, a private practice clinician specializing in cognitive behavioral therapy.

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