What You Thought You Didn't Know: Understanding Compulsive Overeating with Dr. Charlea Tracey McNeal

This event was held on December 3, 2008 at Downtown Library: Multi-Purpose Room

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Runtime: 01:28:00

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This presentation is designed to expand awareness of a few common yet unconscious ways that people who struggle with compulsive overeating create and reinforce their battle with disordered eating. Dr. McNeal is a therapist and licensed clinical social worker in private practice who works with individuals with eating disorders and the emotional problems that often accompany them.

Using familiar and simple metaphors and analogies, Dr. McNeal discusses wisdom which people unknowingly possess and have acquired throughout their experiences of struggling with compulsive overeating. This unclaimed understanding is necessary to interrupt the vicious cycle of overeating, and to manage disturbed eating patterns in a compassionate way that closely reflects each person’s unique history, needs, and preferences.

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